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Preparing to become a parent

They can refer you for an assessment at a clinic or hospital if you choose to have an abortion. Pregnamcy out you're pregnant when you're a teenager can be daunting, especially if the pregnancy wasn't planned, but help and support is available.

Pregnancy chat

I'm pregnant — what should I do next? Apprentices can take up to 52 weeks' maternity leave. Pregnancy and baby apps Apps: A-Z.

Are you looking for support with pregnancy after loss?

Back to Support. For more information, visit the GOV.

If you're pregnant and on your own, it's important there are people you can share your feelings with who can offer you support. Mental health.

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Disclaimer The app developer is solely responsible for their app's advertisement, compliance and fitness for purpose. Online community. Learning disabilities. If you're an apprentice, you may qualify for statutory maternity pay.

Pregnancy chat

You're also entitled to a maximum week break immediately before and pregnancy chat the birth. If you decide to continue with your pregnancy, there are a wide range of services to support you during pregnancy and after you have had your baby.

Peanut An online community for mothers to meet up, share parenting advice and support each other. Further or higher education You can only get maternity pay if you have a job, so very pregnancy chat students are eligible. By price Free some apps offer in-app purchases.

Pregnancy chat

Make sure to talk through your options and think carefully before you make any decisions. Pregnancy and baby. The law says colleges, universities or your apprenticeship employer aren't allowed to treat you unfairly if you're pregnant or a mum. You can apply if you're going to study at school or sixth form college or on another publicly funded course in England. Find out more pregnancy chat having a baby if you're on your own. NHSX will publish details of the pregnancy chat on their website in the near future.

Sexwise has more information about if you're pregnant cjat don't know what to do. Teenage pregnancy support.

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Apply filters. last reviewed: 5 April Next review due: 5 April Social care.

Pregnancy chat

Clear filters. First, if you think you might be pregnant but you're not sure, it's important to take pregbancy pregnancy test as soon as possible to find out. Whatever your age, you can also ask pregnancy chat confidential advice from: your Pregnanfy or practice nurse a contraception or sexual health clinic NHS — available 24 hours a day, days a year Pregnancy chat your decision, but don't ignore the situation, hoping it will go away.

Pregnancy chat

Body areas. Child health. If you're pregnant or a mum, you're expected to stay at school and continue education until you finish Year Try talking to a family member, friend or someone you trust.

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But if you're a student, you should be able to take maternity-related absence from studying after your baby's been born. GDm-Health Pregnancy chat blood glucose levels during pregnancy if you have, or pregnahcy at risk of, diabetes. You can leave school at the end of Year What support is there for pregnant teenagers?

Future plans The way pregnancy chat and digital tools are assessed for use by the NHS is changing. Maternity Action has more information about maternity rights for apprentices. If you decide to continue your pregnancy, the next step is to start your antenatal care.

Pregnancy chat

If you decide not to continue with your pregnancy, you can talk to a GP or visit a sexual health clinic to discuss your options. NHS services.

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Family Assist Find information on pregnancy and birth, and chat to healthcare professionals. Apprenticeships Apprentices can take up to 52 weeks' maternity leave. Report an issue To report an issue with any individual app, please contact the developer directly through pregnancy chat app or website. See full disclaimer.

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Your options are: continuing with the pregnancy and keeping the baby having an abortion continuing with the pregnancy and having the baby adopted If you decide to continue your pregnancy, the next step is to start your antenatal care. Baby Buddy Find help and advice to give you and your baby the best start pregnancy chat life.

Check here for alerts. Healthy living. How we assess apps The apps are assessed against a range of NHS standards.

Pregnancy chat

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