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Just some hot fun in my room

Cuber Island south of Florida; capital is Havanner. William Carlson Rawregg An uncooked egg.

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So don't I An example of the Massachusetts negative positive. The word is not used much anymore, because there are so few of us that know what it means.

Ahh, you know, ovah heah, ovah theah. Isobelw jist. I had to keep driving that first time, late for a date in the ATL.

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Also, Bostonians, like Nooyawkas, often leave out consonants in their rush to get words out, in particular, d's and t's at the end of words. Packie run What you make when you go downna Mahty's or some otha packie. What some Bostonians still call a sub or hero there's even a hpt shop in Dorchester called Spukies 'n Pizza. The state has built a series of emergency turn-outs along Rte.

Egg rolls Large, fluffy rolls, a. They'd slide off the bucket by putting a hot towel on it and voila! Rat Young resident of certain neighborhoods, for example: "Rozzie rat" and "Dot rat" the former being a denizen of Roslindale, sone latter of Dorchester. Time A party, usually of the political or retirement type: "We're throwin' a time for the Dap down at the Eagles.

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I'll be back for those someday. Compiled by Adam Gaffin Everybody knows about pahking cahs in Hahvuhd Yahd, but there's a lot more to Boston English than that, despite what Hollywood would have you believe. Breakdown Lane Highway shoulder. Sked Teen-age druggie; may be limited to Saugus, Lynn and Wakefield. Follow seandalypoplife on Twitter.

Place names The quickest way to convince a native that you're just a tourist is to refer to "the Public Gardens" even if you pronounce it "Public Gahdens" or "the Boston Commons. Actually, pretty much the only people who use the word anymore are headline writers looking for just some hot fun in my room short synonym for "Boston,'' as in the aprocryphal Globe headline: 2 Hub men die in blast; New York also destroyed Human billboards People who stand at rotaries or on overpasses with campaign s, sometimes causing gahkablahkas.

A few miles off I, the Dwarf House reveals itself in a quietly dramatic way: squatty, misshapen, a four-pronged oddity that includes a diner, a fairy tale brick facade, a regular Chick-fil-A and spiraling tendrils of drive-through lanes — the whole thing open around the clock except, of course, for Sunday; we all know that buzzkill drill. Reply to " No Suh!

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Or nuggets drenched in puddles of that life-affirming Chick-fil-A dipping sauce. It's framed by toasted points of white bread.

Just some hot fun in my room

But don't worry about poor lost New England R's. Hello, how are you? Foddy The numbah aftah thirdy-nine.

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Wanna go? How are you? Also, an oxymoron - the last place you want to break down in greater Boston is in the breakdown lane, especially during rush hour, when it becomes the high-speed lane in some places, even legally. KC Black Kegga A beeah bash. Not to be confused with Southie, Eastie or Westie. Roxbury Puddingstone Native, brownish stone that was carved into large blocks and used to build large public buildings in the 19th century frequently under the direction of architect H.

But around the corner is where it gets good: a long, slightly raised diner counter in front of a bustling open kitchen plus a row of comfy booths. Regions Tampa St.

Just some hot fun in my room

Spider A frying pan. Neighborhood variations There is actually more than one Boston English. Crying causes TS.

Just some hot fun in my room

Higgins called the T.

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