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I am glad you spent the time to investigate into what these people chah doing. We cannot expect to continually uproot, expose, and chase out individual members while the malignant ideology remains to infect and spread anew — change must come from the top.

That includes all your chat buddies. Keeping them out of cons is wise.

Thank you to watchers inside Furry Raiders. Healthy, well-adjusted adults do not behave like this.

Furry group chat

Either party to a communication can disclose. These people should either be fined or arrested for these acts they have made. Shroom Muu.

Featured Chag and Banner Gallery. Conventions ought to follow the same model, as well as strictly vetting who is able to volunteer and work for cons. Dogpatch Press says:. These behaviors have transcended three organizers of the Raiders — Foxler, Kody, furry group chat Dionysius — and have been adopted by the group at large.

Furry group chat

If you or someone you know is aware of any illegal activity, related to the Raiders or otherwise, you can provide the FBI with an anonymous tip. ou telefone Senha Esqueceu a conta? There is no greater moral imperative than to safeguard freedoms to live, and freedoms from hate.

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November 23, groyp am. When Foxler targets furry group chat kids, watchers are tipping parents and it works. Put a show on without getting busted and it was the hottest thing in a while. The general population of the Raiders community is a combination of old-school 4Chan racists, conspiracy theorists, new wave white supremacists, and impressionable but misled minors. The only difference is that they have more opportunities to gather and self-reinforce than when it was all mailing lists and Usenet.

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Furry group chat

Lost in this mix are impressionable minors, 13 to 17 year old kids that found their way to the Raiders one way or another. Jackson says:. I was pumping gas and a sexy lady bent over Patch O'Furr says:.

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If this continues to be a problem, further measures should be taken in order to stop what these rgoup are doing. Notify me of follow-up comments by. It is unlikely that we will ever be fully able to rid ourselves of these unwanted individuals from our community.

These [redacted] have chah been around furry. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. But they can't avoid it until they stop recruiting. SombraLupinSCK says:.

June 4, at am. If this is not already sent into the FBI, I will do so soon. What you have done here is a federal crime for leaking information from a Private chat which is invite only, dispersal of such information can be met with high punishment. They seek a community where slurs are used freely, where callousness and animosity are driving vehicles of discourse, where unsourced caht conspiracy theories lay equal to well-gathered evidence.

Furry group chat me of new posts by.

Arrest of Lee Miller Foxler brings a call for witnesses to come forward. Sergal Tinker says:.

When the furry group chat turns into an orgy - When the furry group chat turns into an orgy horney sister Zariyah

They deserve to be marginalized and silenced to the greatest reasonable extent. November 22, at pm. It started off so innocently enough. There is no negotiating with groups like these. It takes a lot of effort to share these.

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Through initial discussions with individual Raiders, these revelations also branched out beyond the Raiders chat to individuals wholly unaffiliated with them who discussed the same explicit material. November 22, at am. Esqueceu a conta? Explicitly banning the glorification of hate groups and banning individuals from engaging in malicious caht stems the ability for Alt-Right and Raider-like groups from self-representation and recruitment in addition to getting rid of Nazi and white nationalist garbage furrt self-respecting person wants to furry group chat.

It must be unequivocal.

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