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Vancouver is also home to a sizeable contingent of Proud Boys. Various Kregon Boys told me that it is bestowed for defending the group, fighting anti-fascists in the streets or getting arrested.

Former oregon looking to chat

When Patriot Prayer hits the streets, they're ed by the Proud Boys, a group that describes themselves as a fraternal organisation. What they've lost is the right to yell the n-word. If you see something you want to comment on, or something you want to ask formwr, or if you just want to flirt with Jen, you'll be able to fire away well, except for the flirting part.

Former oregon looking to chat

Armed and ready. There is no one antifa organisation or political philosophy. Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw - she gives a smile when I bring up the irony of her name - says that her officers have a difficult job.

Secret chats involving Republican lawmaker reveal fresh evidence of plots and paranoia

In Luis's house, antifa activists are chatting over a dinner of Indian food. It seems like a glimmer of a breakthrough. Related Topics.

Former oregon looking to chat

Violent as all hell pic. The second degree involves getting hit by fellow members while shouting out the names of five breakfast cereals, along with committing to avoid porn and masturbation - the group says they erode traditional relationships.

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There are dozens of Proud Boy branches across the US, as well as in the UK, Canada and elsewhere, although there's no central registry and an accurate estimate of the total of members is hard to come by. Luis, who is in his mids, is talkative and polite. Proud to be with the DC Proudboys. One word: "Badly.

But again activists came out onto the streets. And the law means they have to act reactively, even if groups with known history of violence gather.

Former oregon looking to chat

Luis answers with a terse "no". He's also been arrested 18 times, on charges including assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.

Fed intelligence sent to Oregon and Portland indicates right-wing extremists pose biggest lethal threat

Before we say goodbye he starts live-streaming on his Facebook. Ten Proud Boys were arrested in that incident.

In a working-class neighbourhood in south-east Portland, American flags fly from houses and basketball hoops stand guard over pickup trucks. There's also a hole where a brick has been thrown in the front window. We are all family. The next day my crew and I drive five hours south, through mountains and thick forests of pine and Douglas fir trees, down to the bottom of Oregon.

Former oregon looking to chat

I gently suggest that it might be illegal to burn down a bookstore. Some use the pro-police "blue lives matter" slogan.

Proud Boys and antifa: When a right-wing activist met a left-wing anti-fascist

Neither the Proud Boys nor the anti-fascists trust the city authorities. Jen Beyrle and I will be chatting live throughout the Oregon-California game tonight it's a 6 o'clock game and we sincerely invite your participation. More on this story. You can see for yourself; we've put the conversation on YouTube - it contains strong language, violence and drug use. Most people in Portland would tell both of them to go to hell, I remind them.

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Rob is a third-degree Proud Boy. Two activists who have been on opposite sides in the Portland clashes agreed to meet and talk. We drive Rob to his temporary fromer - his car in a nearby grocery store parking lot. This stuff is craaaaazy. It's happened in New York, Berkeley, Charlottesville and elsewhere.

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BBC Trending. Drinking and fighting. We had agreed to meet on neutral ground - a cannabis club in east Portland. The city's mayor, Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, is clear about who he blames for the violence. But would they have any common ground?

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